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What is Solavei? A Solavei Review from Someone Not Involved

solavei reviewSo in short I will be giving a Solavei review of this newly founded company, their compensation plan, and if you are interested in Solavei what else you should know before you get involved.
So what is Solavei?  Solavei, slated to launch in September 2012, is a multilevel marketing company offering a social mass media platform as well as mobile application that provides contract-free mobile services and will pay individuals for adding new participants.

The Solavei Mobile Service is a mobile virtual network business (MVNO) that uses T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network. Customers can easily sign up for an unlimited voice, text and data plan for $49.00 per month and can generate income by introducing the service to other individuals through Solavei’s social media platform and mobile application.

       We are going to make a difference in people’s lives by shifting billions of dollars from traditional mass-media advertising into the greatest advertising vehicle today — people. Solavei is the first company to create an economic linkage   between mobile service, social commerce, and social networking technology. We give people the opportunity to earn income by using and promoting the services they are already consuming each and every day.

– Ryan Wuerch, CEO of Solavei

To sign up with Solavei, individuals can either use their own Solavei-compatible phone or buy one of Solavei’s phones, which start at $159.00. Monthly mobile phone service is actually $49.00. The Solavei app (offered for Android phones) covers everything Solavei members need to enroll friends and family, check on how much they have earned, and connect with their personal network.

Solavei Review of  Their Compensation Plan

Solavei members earn $20.00 per month upon every three mobile-service members (known as a Trio) which they or an individual in their network expose to Solavei. When users have more than three Trios in their own network, the actual income generated is greater compared to their particular monthly cellular service plan cost of $49.00, making it basically totally free. Members earn a new Fast Action Bonus for Trios they specifically enroll in their first Sixty days. Solavei members generate elevated monthly pay as their network evolves and they will improve in rank.solavei review

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what is solavei

What You Should Know Before You Start With Solavei

Overall Solavei looks like a promising company and has a sound business model.  Doing the Solavei review I find Solavei a good opportunity if it is right for you.

Well you have researched Solavei and maybe it is the business opportunity for you.  If you are serious about making some money with this company you need to find a marketing system that you can leverage to help you promote and generate leads daily besides just hitting up your family and friends.  Most individuals just jump right in and don’t even think past the people they know and you will find out that most of the people you know might not even be interested.

So how can you leverage the internet to attract new prospects to your new company.  We use three different attraction systems that help individuals like your self generate leads daily not only to help with cash flow but generate prospects for your Solavei business.

Magnetic Sponsoring


Empowered Network

You will find by using an attraction marketing system like one of the one’s above or a combination of both will provide you the knowledge and tools needed to grow your Solavei business.




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